Bridge as a Service

    It is a white-label bridging solution that offers:
  • -a simple customizable UI
  • -a flexible architecture setup
  • -full ownership of smart contracts and a validator
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Available chains

We support all EVM chains, Solana, Near and Tron

features icon Why BCEbridge BaaS?

Third-party bridge Custom bridge BCEbridge BaaS
Supported chains Limited by specific bridge Selected by the project All EVM-chains, Solana, NEAR Protocol, Tron
Token ownership Varies depending on the bridge Project team Project team
Liquidity ownership Varies depending on the bridge Project team Project team
Fees Varies depending on the bridge Depends on the implementation Depends on the implementation (could be as low as 0)
Transfer speed Varies depending on the bridge Varies depending on the bridge 1-2 minutes
Number of transactions required to complete the transfer 1-3+ Varies depending on the bridge 1
UI Standard bridge UI Custom UI Custom UI
Customer support Bridge support channels Selected by the project Custom documentation and support channels
Technical support Standardized Selected by the project Included
Development time Several days Several months 2 days
Cost Varies depending on the bridge $150k+ $20,000 one-time payment for the bridge setup. $300 per month per chain for technical and customer support. First 2 months - free of charge
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How to migrate to BCEbridge BaaS?

Every case is unique, depending on your current solution

Even if you use several third-party bridges or want to expand to new blockchains cheaper and faster, our team will offer you a migration plan, so you can move to a single bridge you are in control of

Request a migration plan
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bridge setup icon Bridge setup

  • Customize

    With BCEbridge BaaS, you will be able to set up a custom UI fitting your project's needs

  • Select chains

    BCEbridge supports EVM and non-EVM chains. Your token can be easily bridged between them

  • Set up Native/Wrapped tokens

    Freely choose between native or wrapped tokens

  • Add validators

    Our bridging solution offers you full control over your own bridge validators

  • Add and remove liquidity

    Liquidity can be easily added or removed with our bridging solution

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